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Ultimate Add Custom Geos is a powerful plugin used to customize your shipping zones. Add countries, add or change states, create cities drop down lists, change the Woocommerce checkout country, state and city labels, import and export your created geos and more…

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What is Ultimate Add Custom Geos?

Ultimate Add Custom Geos is a plugin to customize your countries, states and cities to optimize your Woocommerce shipping zones and your Woocommerce checkout page. You can add even add countries not included in Woocommerce such as Northern Ireland or create North Sudan to use instead of Sudan.

If you need to add custom states or change states names, no problem. UWACS will get the job done. You can as well add cities to states and avoid customer typed cities that may not match your shipping partner’s automated system.

The plugin is intelligent enough to provide a text box for the customer to enter his state or city in case you didn’t enter a cities list for the chosen state or states list for the chosen country, i.e. the plugin can work with sites selling worldwide, in places you provide states and/or cities, it will show as a dropdown, while, give the normal text box for places that has no entered data.

In addition to the above, you can also provide the customer with “Other” in the cities dropdown list, so, you won’t lose the sale if the customer’s city is not in the list you entered.

Do I have to enter a long list of cities one by one?

No! You can prepare a CSV file using programs such as Excel, choose it from the Import/Export panel, then import all states or cities with a single key stroke. Also, you can export your entered countries, states and/or cities to use with another domain. No need to renter them for each site you want to use the plugin with.

Furthermore, Ultimate Add Custom Geos, will allow you to add any number of states to any country, as long as you identified as ‘Allowed Country’ in your Woocommerce store setup. Also, it will allow you to manipulate the states that already come with Woocommerce as well. For example for some countries such as the US, you will be able to add or delete states, add, delete and/or delete cities linked to states as you see required.

What about multilingual?

At this stage Ultimate Add Custom Geos will support a single language, but the multilingual support is on its way. Stay tuned.

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