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Add Custom States is a simple but still powerful plugin used to create Woocommerce custom states, delete or split custom states or use regions instead of individual states, to any country which can be used during setting the Woocommerce shipping zones.


What is Add Custom States Premium?

Add Custom States PREMIUM is a plugin to customize your states to optimize your Woocommerce shipping zones. You can add Woocommerce states, modify Woocommerce states, and even delete Woocommerce states where you are not operating. Woocommerce introduced Shipping Zones concept since Woocommerce 2.6. Still, not all countries have all its states setup in Woocommerce database out of the box. Accordingly, you may need to add custom states or change states names. In case you operate in a single state to optimize your Woocommerce shipping settings, you can remove Woocommerce states that you don’t cover. You can even split some states under regions to easily use in Shipping Zones configuration. For example, if your state has a northern region and southern region, you can delete the single state name and put 2 entries. This is what exactly this plugin provides.

This is essential for Woocommerce shipping zone customization. The states you add will show normally in the states dropdown menu on checkout. The states you add integrates seamlessly with Woocommerce and can work with any shipping plugin and accept different shipping methods such as local pickup, or free shipping. It will also support any custom shipping methods.

Hence, Add Custom States Premium is the first and most important step to optimize your Woocommerce online shop shipping services.

Is Add Custom States PREMIUM only to add custom states to Woocommerce?

Although, the name “States” is to go with the Woocommerce naming convention. Still, you can create regions such as (East Coast, West Coast… etc.) and remove the individual states names. Or if you are operating in a single state, you can remove the states and put the cities you operate within instead,…etc.

Add Custom States FREE version will allow you to choose any country you already stated in your Woocommerce settings as ‘Allowed Country’ to sell and ship to, and add any number of states you want. Very simple and straight forward.

Furthermore, Add Custom States PREMIUM version, will allow you to add any number of states to any country, as long as you identified as ‘Allowed Country’ in your Woocommerce store setup. Also, it will allow you to manipulate the states that already come with Woocommerce as well. For example for some countries such as the US, you will be able to add or delete states from Woocommerce.

Will Add Custom States PREMIUM affect the built-in countries?

The beauty of Add Custom States PREMIUM and even the FREE version, that they don’t change the main states files that come with Woocommerce and you can always revert to original states by deactivating the plugin if you want at any time.

The plugin is very user friendly and requires no settings. Just install it and you will be on your way customizing your region the way you want.

The free version is free to use with any number of sites and any number of states but just for a single country as stated earlier.

Please, if you find this plugin helpful, consider to buy the premium version which will help us to continue the development and provide you with new plugins. 🙂

1 review for Add Custom States Premium Version – Customize Your Region

  1. Macnomo

    Worked perfect for me!
    I wish i can add cities too.
    Simple & Easy!! Great Job

    • trustec

      Thank you very much, and we would appreciate if you e-mail us on, how you would like to see the cities addition implemented and we will see if we can bring it in a future upgrade.

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