Social media is a valuable channel to attract more followers, leads, clients and even investors. With over 3 billion users worldwide, there is definitely a chance to grow your business if you manage you social media presence correctly.

Still, with today’s fast paced business dynamics, you may lose focus on business as you invest a huge time trying to find the right photo to post, prepare the graphics, write the post content and not to mention following up on comments and messages, or, you may lose focus on the social media channel due to lack of time or strategy. Delegating the task to one of your employees or a secretary that may have some free time beside their jobs is not going to solve it because it became a science now and not just a best effort driven activity.

We help you keep focus on what you do the best, while we keep your social media presence alive and shinning, and this is what we do the best. We believe that there is no such thing like fit-all plan, and each case should have its own plan and approach. What we offer is:

  • If you have a current social media presence, we would start with checking your current presence and see what has been working for you and what is not, and which social media channels are working better for you.
  • If you don’t already have a presence, we will then work on creating a strategy that maps to your business needs.
  • We would as well work with you to identify your competition and analyze their competitive edge/weakness against you.
  • Based on the previous we would either, create your presence on the social media by creating proper accounts, or utilize the available presence and work on the improvements.
  • We would work with you to draft the strategy that best fits your case.
  • Agree on the response strategy, how to respond to, and route your visitors when they ask questions or require more information…etc?
  • Agree on the social media content calendar. Having something to share on the social media is great, but it is equally important to schedule when to publish these content to ensure the highest impact.
  • Work on the content, generating the write ups and its associated art work. We will always keep you in the loop and send you posts for approval before putting them online.
  • Publish on your behalf and respond to your visitors and monitoring the performance.
  • In case we feel that you need paid boosts for your content, we would create the targeted personas, share them with you, along with setting the budget that you will pay for the ads to keep as minimum as possible.
  • We will then provide you performance reports, re-evaluate, test, and adjust.

In order to unleash your social media presence potentials and get started on your social media management journey, please, feel free to fill the below form, send it to us, and we will get back to you the soonest: